Why Government Policy on Gangs will Fail

There’s a new report out which states the bleeding obvious. The government will ignore it. From the Guardian:

By failing to understand this basic structure, the researchers say, police mistakenly target and sometimes harass individuals who, though gang members, are not breaking any law; the police also repeatedly follow, stop and search the gang members’ family, friends and classmates. This alienated both the gang members and their associates who might otherwise have helped police.

Among the six gangs in the research, not one was dedicated to dealing drugs. Members survived on “cafeteria-style earning”, mixing paid employment, benefits, living off friends or family, and opportunist crime, including selling cannabis and committing street robberies.

Although access to firearms was common in all six gangs, it was found that turf wars about drugs were not generally the cause of violence; it was far more likely to be triggered by disputes over friends, family and romantic relationships, often within the gangs rather than between them.

And a gang’s ethnic make-up tended simply to reflect its local area – black, white or mixed – even though the media and police overwhelmingly focus on black gangs.


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One response to “Why Government Policy on Gangs will Fail

  1. vick

    It is not called harrassment when the police are doing there job. Maybe the parents, family and friends of this gang members should address the gang member of his problem and not blame the police. If they took care of the problem at home than the normal citizens would not have too…… and they would not be caught up in the problem they created. COMMON SENSE!!!!!!!

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